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Dubai, The place to be !!

  Dubai   The Emirate of Dubai is the second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates but has the biggest population at over 2.1 million inhabitants. Size has been synonymous with Dubai as it continues to build the first, largest and the biggest constructions in the...

Rajasthan, a fabled realm of maharajas

Rajasthan It is said there is more history in Rajasthan than the rest of India put together. Welcome to the Land of the Kings, a fabled realm of maharajas and their majestic forts and lavish palaces. India is littered with splendid ruined bastions, but nowhere will you find...
Turkey things to do

Turkey – Some great things to do – enjoy your next visit

Some great things to do in Turkey    Bosporus of Turkey, is one of the world’s most beautiful and important straits. Among the must-see sites of Istanbul and adorned with lights on both sides, the amazing scenery of the Bosporus can be enjoyed by taking a refreshing boat...